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Burger Month

Cassell’s Hamburgers Will Serve 99-Cent Burgers Next Friday

There's also an all-week happy hour for National Burger Month
Fusion Food

Fusion Food Gets Even Wilder with These L.A. Burgers and Tacos

Taste Japan, Korea, and Argentina on a bun, and then really go around the world in a tortilla

Five Things to Know About Shake Shack, Opening in L.A. Next Year

No. 1: It's a totally different experience than In-N-Out

Sing for Your Supper with Bret Michaels Tonight

The Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood offers Tax Day relief in the form of a free burger for anybody who gets on stage and performs

Redbird and Orsa & Winston Join Downtown’s Lunch Scene

The elegant restaurants go for burgers and grain bowls as they start serving lunch Tuesday through Friday
David Chang

David Chang Visits L.A., Makes Burgers, Drinks Cheap Beer

“If you want vegetables, make a salad," the Momofuku chef declares

Cricket Milkshakes Take Protein Shakes to a Bugged-out Level

Wayback Burgers will start serving the vanilla shakes with chocolate syrup and cricket powder on April 1

How You Can Redeem the Jack in the Box World’s Largest Coupon

There's an easier way than bringing in the 80-foot-tall coupon

Playground Brings the Fun for Lunch at Santa Ana’s 4th Street Market

Chef Jason Quinn serves Thai food, fried chicken, and burgers at his Lunchbox, which stays open for dinner too

Build Your Own Free Burger at The Counter in Westlake Village

This redesigned location of the upscale fast-casual chain will serve free burgers from March 15 through March 22