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Finally, We Get to See What Evan Funke Can Do with Pizza

The former Bucato frontman finds a new home in Venice
L.A.’s Top Chefs

Dining Under the Stars With Four of L.A.’s Top Chefs

Neal Fraser, Antonia Lofaso, Kris Morningstar, and Colin Akiyama were in the kitchen to celebrate the launch of the Crystal Visa Infinite credit card

Evan Funke Leaves Bucato

The chef has parted ways with the Culver City restaurant. Executive sous chef Colin Akiyama will take over

Marc Vetri Makes Pasta in L.A. and Talks About the Great Instagram Makeout Sesh of 2015

The chef discusses fresh noodles, ”stale” food media, and how he wound up kissing Mike Solomonov

Santa Monica Farmers Market Report: Where to Eat (and Drink) Artichokes in L.A.

Artichoke season has officially begun, and chefs and bartenders around town are adding California touches to classic Italian preparations

Are These L.A.’s Strictest Restaurants?

At these eateries, ”no substitutions” is a way of life

Where to Taste Fall in L.A. (Even if Doesn’t Feel Like It)

How local chefs are incorporating their favorite fall ingredients

A Star-Studded Cast of Chefs Will Lead a Drought Benefit Dinner at Bucato

Bucato's Evan Funke has enlisted top chefs from around the city to raise money for Flora Bella, a farm struggling to survive amidst the California drought

Bucato Debuts Lunch Service

Expect meatball paninos, lamb chops and, of course, spectacular pasta from Evan Funke's Italian powerhouse in Culver City

What Three L.A. Chefs Think About Your Instagram Pictures

We talk to Jessica Koslow, Evan Funke, and Ori Menashe about phones at the dinner table