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Recipe: Bryant Ng’s Kaffir Lime Custard French Toast

The Spice Table chef shares a sweet recipe from his new brunch menu.

I Dream of Bryant Ng’s Rice Porridge

Chef Bryant Ng's scallop congee at The Spice Table is the stuff dreams are made of. Who knew jook could be so good?

Ceviche Nights: Ricardo Zarate Previews Paiche Menu at Mo-Chica

Ricardo Zarate previews his Paiche ceviche menu at Mo-Chica for two nights in December, joined by Josiah Citrin (Mélisse), Bryant Ng (The Spice Table), and Kris Yenbamroong (Night + Market).

The Fusion Artist: Bryant Ng

Initially the Mozza-with-lemongrass notion seemed a reach, but Ng has continued to expand on an idea using a custom wood-burning grill