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New standards will help the downtown strip get its glow back

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These long, dark temples of entertainment are coming back to life

A Walker in L.A.: Don’t Call It a Comeback

Broadway has been bustling for years

Choreographer Warren Carlyle: The Odd Man Out

This lone voice among the choreography nominees is enthusiastic about everything, except that he’s unable to attend the awards.

Urban Outfitters Bringing Big Changes To Downtown Los Angeles

Workers swarm the 1917 Rialto Theatre on Broadway

“Sleepless in Seattle” Hopes to Sing on Stage

Dancer/Choreographer Spencer Liff discusses the process of turning a hit film into a Broadway musical

Get a Deal

It’s no secret that gentrification has sparked an economic boom in downtown L.A.’s HISTORIC CORE. But staying overnight doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank

Mike Tyson’s Newest Arena: The Theater

The troubled former boxer earned raves in New York for Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth. This weekend, it comes to the Pantages.

Your Chance To See Blade Runner Where It Was Shot

Downtown Not So Dystopian Anymore...

The Cafeteria of the Golden Rule

of his move to Los Angeles when he and the 20th century were both 31 years old, Clifford Clinton would later write, "I was frightened." He had reason to...