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‘Breaking Bad’: The Ozymandias Trailer That’s Driving Everyone Crazy & Making Them Swoon

Look on my blog post, ye Mighty, and despair! A few days ago, AMC posted a trailer for the final season of TV's most addictive show, 'Breaking Bad.'

What’s Cooking on Breaking Bad

Because Superior Court judges and handbag designers just want to know what's coming next for their favorite TV show

The Breakfast Conversation: Banana Pecan Pain Perdu with Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad writers Moira Walley-Beckett and Peter Gould joined actress Anna Gunn in a Q&A about the show moderated by Los Angeles magazine editor-in-chief Mary Melton

The Full Walter: The Breaking Bad Costume That Might Be Better Than Bryan Cranston’s

No one plays Walter White like three-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston, but when it comes to looking like the Breaking Bad character without help from the hit drama’s makeup dept., our own Linda Immediato might have the actor beat.

It’s All About Netflix at 2013 Emmy Nominations

Think of it as the year the Internet made history—again.

Chemical Reaction: Saying Goodbye To Breaking Bad, TV’s Most Addictive Crime Show

Nobody would have expected Breaking Bad to become the best crime show ever, and with just eight more episodes to go, nobody can imagine life without it.

Breaking Bottles: AMC’s Breaking Bad Gets Its Own Beer

Plus, three other shows that should have their own branded booze.

Jessica Paré

The much-envied actress (she plays Don Draper’s wife on Mad Men) talks werewolves, hoarding, and competitive yoga

115 Days Until “Breaking Bad” Returns

AMC annouced that the final season of its flagship dramatic series, Breaking Bad, will begin airing on August 11. There will be eight episodes. Mark your calendars.

Swinging Metaphors With Bryan Cranston

Photograph by Kharen Hill/Corbis Outline If Bryan Cranston were a Dodger—a notion not without appeal to him—he would be the consummate utility player, a grinder, a veteran of countless unsung...