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Silent Book Club Is Coming to L.A., and It’s an Introvert’s Dream

No “discussion of chapters three and four” required

Here’s the Deal with Those Weird Warning Signs Showing Up All Over the City

Who is Adam, why is he angry, and what does that have to do with lightning?
September books

6 Books You Need to Read This September

What do George Carlin, Frank Gehry, a chicken advocate, and a Very Large Hole have in common? They all show up in this month's best books

6 Books You Need to Read This August

From creepy cults to Spanish assassins to new stories from Pulitzer Prize winner Adam Johnson, this month’s best books supply intrigue aplenty

8 Books You Need to Read This July

This month we get an alien invasion, Scandinavian lutefisk, and best of all, we get Atticus Finch
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7 Books You Need to Read This June

From Milan Kundera's first book in more than a decade to Aziz Ansari's guide to romance, bookworms have plenty to latch on to this month
The Goast Network

6 Books You Need to Read This May

From secret societies to true crime to zombie wars, the gods of literature have smiled upon us this month

The Best New Reads for Classic Rock Fans

It must be the holiday season because a bunch of books about vintage rockers just came out

9 Ways to Spend Your Pre-Thanksgiving Weekend

Watch the gridiron grudge match between UCLA and USC or walk across the San Fernando Valley and catch an opera inspired by Gabriel García Márquez

Q+A: David Kaplan on Death & Co.’s New Cocktail Book

Plus, a recipe for Kaplan's go-to cocktail