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What if Homer’s Odyssey Took Place During the Watts Rebellion?

The new novel Graffiti Palace transports a hero tale to 1965 L.A.

The Best Things to Do in L.A. This Week

Your best bets for March 5 to 9, 2018

3 Cycling Tips From the Woman Who Wrote the Book on Riding a Bike in L.A.

Cyclist and author Kelton Wright has the skinny on staying safe on two wheels

7 Ways You Can Impact Climate Change Right Now, According to a NASA Scientist

LA scientist Peter Kalmus tells us what his family does to decrease its use of fossil fuels

This Never-Before-Seen Art from Every Classic Disney Cartoon Is Magical

A new coffee table book complies rare images from every animated classic Walt Disney made

15 Fantastic Ways to Spend Your Weekend, 9/30

Enjoy an Eastside Food Festival or catch Diplo at the Avalon

Silent Book Club Is Coming to L.A., and It’s an Introvert’s Dream

No “discussion of chapters three and four” required

Here’s the Deal with Those Weird Warning Signs Showing Up All Over the City

Who is Adam, why is he angry, and what does that have to do with lightning?
September books

6 Books You Need to Read This September

What do George Carlin, Frank Gehry, a chicken advocate, and a Very Large Hole have in common? They all show up in this month's best books

6 Books You Need to Read This August

From creepy cults to Spanish assassins to new stories from Pulitzer Prize winner Adam Johnson, this month’s best books supply intrigue aplenty