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Writing on the Wall: Global Street Art from L.A. to Kiev

The impressive World Atlas of Graffiti and Street Art spans the globe, but some of the best art in Los Angeles is featured prominently.

Hollywood’s “Love Affair” with Nazi Germany: 4 Strange Facts About Hitler’s Movie Habits

The remarkable popularity of American movies in Nazi Germany wasn't an accident; it was the result of secret pacts between Hollywood and the Third Reich, according to a new book.

Cramming for Klosterman: A Study Guide

The New York Times columnist and critic is coming to L.A. to discuss his new essay collection. Want to attend the reading and sound smart? Here's a refresher on all things Klosterman.

The Hidden Henry Fonda

Today is Henry Fonda’s 108th birthday. In "The Man Who Saw A Ghost: The Life and Work of Henry Fonda," published last October, author Devin McKinney chronicles the death-haunted world of an iconic actor whose most famous screen roles as protectors, presidents, and patriarchs mask a far more complex figure.

A Field Guide to History’s Weirdest Weapons

Need to know the difference between an arquebus and a blunderbuss, a kwan dao and a falx, an onager and a trebuchet? Of course you do.

Booze and Botany – Yes, They Do Mix

Amy Stewart is neither a drunk nor a botanist, but she has written a book that combines both elements.
Charles Falco

The Cop Who Infiltrated Southern California’s Most Notorious Biker Gangs

If you think life in a motorcycle gang is romantic and daring, think again. Charles Falco went undercover in three biker gangs with deep Southern California roots and lived to tell the tale. In fact, he wrote a book about it.

Documenting Dummies: Matthew Rolston’s New Photo Book

Photographer Matthew Rolston has shot pop stars, supermodels, and hundreds of leading ladues, but for his latest project, he turned his lens on subjects who were a little less lively and a lot more stiff: ventriloquist's dummies.

TONIGHT: Jeff Bridges Drops Some Zen on You

Celebrate the release of a new book co-written by onscreen Dude Jeff Bridges and real-life Zen dude Bernie Glassman. Below, a few thoughts on the book.

Ask Chris’s Tour Guide Book Binge: The Three Stooges Hollywood Filming Locations

Take your out-of-town guests on a tour with these 2012 guidebooks.