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Some of the Most Obscure Vintage Tiki Drinks Have Finally Been Revealed

Mixologist and author Jeff ”Beachbum” Berry has spent decades in search of historic cocktails

7 Bars in L.A. That Are Perfect for Reading Books

Because we feel thee, fellow lovers of books and spirits

Slide Show: Mini Modernism Week Kicks Off Tourist Season in Palm Springs

Your Chance To Buy Spindly Leg Sofas, Get Drunk in Frank Sinatra’s House, and Road Trip With Peter Moruzzi's Palm Springs Paradise

Secrets Of The Inland Empire Revealed

Grab the new book Pomona A to Z and explore the hidden corners of the historic city

Be Seated: Colman Andrews Talks About His New Book, Dining Trends, & L.A. Restaurants

The prolific food writer's new book, My Usual Table, is out this month

Sam Shepard and Johnny Dark Traded Letters Through 40 Years of Friendship

"2 Prospectors" reveals a friendship forged in person and sustained over four decades of correspondence

Slide Show: The Unseen Vivien Leigh

The star of "Gone With the Wind" and "A Streetcar Named Desire" is the subject of a new biography commemorating her 100th birthday.

A Pryor’s Tale: A New Biography Reveals Richard Pryor in All His Glory and Mania

If laughter is anarchy no comedian was more radical than Richard Pryor, a kid who grew up in a Peoria whorehouse to become the funniest—and most trenchant—observer of race in America.

7 Things You Wanted to Know About Thomas Pynchon’s New Novel but Were Afraid to Ask

Welcome to the spring of 2001 and the waning days of unbridled dotcom imperialism, the landscape for Thomas Pynchon's new novel, "Bleeding Edge."

Q&A: Anne Willan on Julia Child and Smuggling Truffles in From France

Willan's new memoir, One Soufflé At A Time, is out today.