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bob iger running for president

Disney: Now It’s Time To Say Goodbye to 7K Employees

Bob Iger announced the corporate reorganization and demanded $5.5 billion in companywide savings in the House of Mouse Q1 earnings call
bob iger running for president

Disney CEO Bob Iger Nixes Price Increases at Theme Parks

Upon his return as CEO in November, Disney boss Bob Iger was hailed as the same conquering hero from his first go-around running the House of Mouse. But he...
Jeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker Lands Sweet Post-CNN Gig, Gets $1B to Acquire Media Outlets

Redbird Capital Partners, an investment firm focused on media and sports, is giving the former WarnerMedia boss another chance to throw his weight around

Disney Stuns Hollywood, Reinstates Former CEO Bob Iger to Replace Chapek

The well-liked 71-year-old has agreed to lead the company again for two years, replacing his replacement—who had a remarkably rough two-year leadership stint

Bob Iger Reveals Why Disney Bailed on Buying Twitter in 2016

The former CEO had previously cited the “nastiness” of the platform, but it turns out Disney hates bots, too

Former CEO of Disney Bob Iger to Join Board, Invest in Avatar Company

Board seat, personal investing at startup... Odd move for man remembered as stellar CEO
bob iger running for president

Behind Bob Iger’s Shocking Decision to Step Aside as Disney’s CEO

His 15 years at the helm transformed the company, but now the "Babe Ruth of media execs" has other things in mind
bob iger running for president

Disney CEO Bob Iger Is Not Running for President, but Knows What He Wants for 2020

Accepting a humanitarian award, the rumored presidential hopeful warned that hate and anger are sucking the strength out of America
black panther free screenings disney bob iger

Black Panther Is Coming Back to Theaters in Honor of Black History Month—for Free

Wakanda forever—but these screenings are free for just a few days