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Bob Dylan Has Auto-Signed Art for Years—Massive Refunds Are Now Due

In a rare public statement, Bob Dylan said he regrets using an auto-pen to sign books and artwork, adding, blame COVID
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Song Catalogs Are Selling for Big Bucks, but Will the Trend End on a Bum Note?

Everyone from Paul Simon to the Red Hot Chili peppers are selling their song catalogs to free-spending entrepreneurs for record-setting paydays
bob dylan rough and rowdy ways review

On His 39th Studio Album, Bob Dylan Grapples with His Own Mythology

On 'Rough and Rowdy Ways,' the 79-year-old legend looks back at the millions of lifetimes he's lived since 1963
echo in the canyon

The Rock Legends Who Populated Laurel Canyon in the ’60s Listen Back to the Echo of Their Influence

In the new doc Echo in the Canyon, Jakob Dylan excavates an important moment in L.A. music history with the people who were there

The Iconoclast Next Door

Henry Miller’s books were long banned for being obscene. But to a little girl growing up in the Palisades, he was just a kindly, ping-pong-playing neighbor
Paul Bergmann

Paul Bergmann’s Sound Was Honed by L.A.

The Echo Park-based musician haunts the Satellite on June 21

The Rye Side: Drink for Free at The Darkroom’s Bob Dylan Photo Exhibit

Complimentary Dylan-inspired cocktails will be served next Thursday

With Sound Man, Glyn Johns Puts His Life Story on Paper

It took some coercion, but the legendary producer has finally written a memoir