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Disney Stuns Hollywood, Reinstates Former CEO Bob Iger to Replace Chapek

The well-liked 71-year-old has agreed to lead the company again for two years, replacing his replacement—who had a remarkably rough two-year leadership stint

In Time for the Holidays, Disney Plots Layoffs, Slashes Travel Perks

A Friday memo from Disney CEO Bob Chapek promises firings and other belt-tightening measures after a grim Q3

After ‘Don’t Say Gay’ War, Disney May Bend to Keep Special Florida Tax Kingdom

Disney will "pay their fair share of taxes in the state” cried Gov. DeSantis after the massive employer blasted his homophobic bill and dreams

Embattled Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s Contract Renewed

Calling Chapek “the right leader at the right time," the board voted unanimously to keep the CEO around for a while

Bob Chapek Took 7 Minutes to Fire Disney Entertainment Boss Peter Rice

Rice was long-rumored to be a top rival to CEO Bob Chapek, and Chapek somehow decided his competitor was ”no longer a fit”

Mouse Trapped: How Disney Became the Latest Casualty in America’s Culture Wars

Disney's new CEO was determined to steer the company away from partisan politics. Instead he's turned it into the unhappiest place on earth.

Disney Heir Comes Out as Transgender, Slams ‘Don’t Say Gay’

Charlee Corree, 30, came out as trans with the support of their fellow Walt Disney heirs

Disney LGBTQ Employees Say They’re Planning ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Walkouts

After hemming and hawing from their fearful leader, fed-up Disney workers will let their feet do the talking