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alison saar

Spend the Last Day of Black History Month with Alison Saar’s Prints and Sculptures

In her L.A. Louver show 'Syncopation,' Saar injects music into work about natural disasters, slavery, and racism
hatchet hall black history month

Hatchet Hall Is Filling in Culinary Blanks this Black History Month

Its Hemings & Hercules dinner series uses historical speculation to honor America's first Black celebrity chefs

CityDig: This 1947 Map Shows Where Black Angelenos Swam and Relaxed in the Days of Segregation

The cartogram depicts Val Verde, an out-of-the-way resort town created by Los Angeles' African-American residents

The Icon Herself: Angela Davis at the Pan African Film Festival

Capping off this year's festival as part of the city's African American Heritage Month, political activist Angela Davis will grace the red carpet for the L.A. premiere of her life story on film.

Retelling the Story of the Central Park Five

How do you make modern history, with its highlights and dark corners, resonate with younger generations?

City Hall Kicks Off Black History Month

LL Cool J, LeVar Burton, and Danny Glover have mighty big shoes to fill. We look at some of their choice contributions, no doubt taken into consideration during Mayor Villaraigosa's selection process.

5 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in L.A.

Officially recognized by the federal government in 1976 (though it was first celebrated at Kent State in 1970), Black History Month has grown into a calendar mainstay, though not without controversy.