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Julia Garner Reportedly Offered Madonna Role in Madge-Directed Biopic

If true, the "Inventing Anna" star beat out more than a dozen women to play Madonna while Madonna tells her how to play Madonna

The Tupac Biopic Floundering in Production Purgatory Finds a New Director

The film might actually get made before it’s too late

Batman to Become Steve Jobs

Christian Bale will star in Danny Boyle’s biopic about the tech entrepreneur

Wanna Be in the N.W.A. Movie? Here’s Your Chance

Let's hope it's better than the recent TV movies about Saved By The Bell and Brittany Murphy

Remembering the Forgotten Richard Pryor

No Pryor Restraint: Life in Concert, a massive CD/DVD collection is like a visual and aural biopic where you see a man's private life develop in his creative work.

The Essential Movie Library #13: Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

As megalomaniac T. E. Lawrence, the British intelligence officer who united the Arab tribes against the Turks during the WWI and went insanely native in the process, the 29-year-old Peter O’Toole is exasperating, preposterous, and impossible not to watch