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Grantland Was Always a Risk—Just Like Bill Simmons Wanted It to Be

The sports and culture journalist foreshadowed the website's rise—and fall—in a 2009 interview with Los Angeles magazine
Hell in a Cell

4 Things to Know About Pro Wrestling Before Sunday’s Hell in a Cell Match at Staples Center

As a city, L.A. is no stranger to the wide world of wrasslin’. But you probably are

Nothing but Net Worth: 5 Celebrities Who Should Bid on the Clippers

Some of L.A.’s wealthiest dwellers have already thrown their hats in the ring, but when it comes to cool-factor and court-side appeal, we’ve got a few other folks in mind

Bill Simmons Shoots, He Scores

One of the Internet’s first success stories, the ESPN columnist writes about sports like he’s living in the cheap seats