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How James Patterson Became As Famous As His A-List Celebrity Collaborators

The author has collaborated on best-selling novels with everyone from Bill Clinton to Dolly Parton, and is now arguably as famous as they are. A new autobiography reveals how he did it

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Marlon Brando are Revealed in the New Book “Brando’s Smile”

The late actor had an interest in monkeys, makeup, and Stephen Hawking

Partyscope: Meat You Later

A new crop of power vegans and vegetarians proves you can be on top without going in for the kill

Bill Clinton & will.i.am Visit L.A. to Talk About Education

will.i.am continues to push boundaries closer to home -- and he’s doing it with help from a different kind of star, former president Bill Clinton.

Red Carpet Review: Fat is the New Skinny For Dudes

Lots of ties with girth spotted at the Golden Globes last night...