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Big Shots: Xavier Becerra

With mayor Garcetti having just returned from Mexico, we sit down with California Congressman Xavier Becerra to discuss immigration, the American dream, and L.A. as a national leader

Big Shots: Rick Caruso

In the eighth episode of “Big Shots With Giselle Fernandez,” Fernandez sits down with the L.A. developer, who opens up about his last-minute decision not to run for mayor, his political affiliation, his plans to take the trolley beyond the Grove, and more.

Big Shots: Tim Leiweke

Five months after abruptly leaving AEG, the former president and CEO of the company reflects openly—and publicly for the first time—about his complicated relationship with Philip Anschutz and the joint legacy he's left behind.

Big Shots: Deborah Borda

In the sixth episode of “Big Shots,” Giselle Fernandez sits down with the president and CEO of the L.A. Philharmonic

Big Shots: Dr. Cheryl Saban

The L.A.-based philanthropist, women’s rights advocate, glass artist, and wife of billionaire entertainment mogul Haim Saban sat down with Giselle Fernandez to discuss local and global issues on the fifth episode of our video series.

Big Shots: Piolín

The radio host of "Piolín por la Mañana" sits down with Giselle Fernandez to talk immigration reform and "Gringo L.A."

Big Shots: Vicente Fox

The former president of Mexico and current board member of A Better LA sits down with Giselle Fernandez to talk Immigration Reform, the drug war, and philanthropy in Los Angeles

Big Shots: David Rubenstein

The “private equity guru” and co-founder of the Washington D.C.-based Carlyle Group investment firm sits down for an interview with Giselle Fernandez

Q&A: Giselle Fernandez on Her Big Shots Interview with Carlos Slim

The story behind the first episode of LAmag’s new video series, plus the personal note Slim shared with Fernandez that reveals how he defines success

Introducing BIG SHOTS: LAmag’s New Video Series With Giselle Fernandez

A few words on our new CityThink show, plus the premiere episode featuring telecom titan and second richest man in the world Carlos Slim