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The Competition Was Ruff: The American Humane Hero Dog Awards

Dogs in tutus and bowler hats took over the Beverly Hilton for the 4th annual Hero Dog Awards

It Was Standing Room Only at Liberty Hill’s Upton Sinclair Awards Dinner

Want to get a butt in every seat at your next fundraiser? Just get a bunch of community organizers together

Christina Hendricks and the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

A party last night kicked the excitement up a notch for the new hotel and the new season of Mad Men

The Saban Community Clinic Gala Prevails Despite A Few Roadblocks

What President Obama missed at the Beverly Hilton while he was elsewhere raising funds: Sarah Silverman, The Fray, and a solution for free healthcare

Backstage At The Golden Globes

Otherwise known as tripping with Jodie Foster.

Going Casual At The Bev Hilton

The SEEN Queen wears her jeans and The B---- In Apartment 23 is a no-show at Autism Speak's Blue Tie Blue Jean Ball