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Beverly Hills Mayor Denounces Hateful Flyers Aimed at Armenians

Dozens of the messages were found hung in Beverly Hills over the weekend

Bleeding the Beast: Crooked Cops, an Armenian Mob Boss, a $500M Scam and an Unlikely Love Story

A mafia kingpin and a polygamous Mormon engineer joined forces with a bent Beverly Hills lawyer to bilk taxpayers out of half a billion dollars in clean-energy subsidies

Dining First Look: The Hideaway in Beverly Hills

The Hideaway is the reimagining of a Mexican restaurant on the coast right in the Beverly Collection on Rodeo

Feds Claim Win in Controversial $86 Million Beverly Hills Vault Raid

After several legal setbacks for DOJ, a judge ruled that the federal seizure of $86 million from safe deposit box renters was kosher

The Well-Heeled Hungry Converge on New Beverly Drive Erewhon

The high-end grocer's new Golden Triangle location is a convenient stone's throw from Prada, Tom Ford and Gucci

Beverly Hills Store Bans Face Masks Citing Unsolvable Robberies

Kitson in Beverly Hills says the move to ban masks is not political or medical, but to stop the store from getting robbed left and right

Caught on Tape: Beverly Hills Jan. 6 Rioter Regrets Plea Deal

Gina Bisignano apologized for joining the Capitol attack, but told MAGA pals she's sorry for “getting in trouble," not so much the rest of it
lapd police car

Suspect In Custody After Beverly Hills High School Gunman Scare

Official information about the incident was not immediately available. A page on the social media platform Citizen, where local users can report police activity, titled “Beverly Hills High School Shelter-in-Place Following Threats on Social Media” appeared just after 1 pm.

Beverly Hills is One of the Most Surveilled Cities in the World

Surveillance is part of a broader plan to become a ”smart city” where technology will capture visitors' and residents' every move

Beverly Hills Store Pleads Guilty to Laundering Drug Money

The store's owners admitted to recruiting drug traffickers as customers and subsequently running their money through the business, a.k.a. "cleaning" the currency.