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Texas Man Arrested For Carving Swastika Into Beverly Hills Menorah

Eric Brian King was spotted Sunday night at around 8 p.m defacing the religious symbol. He's now facing felony vandalism and hate crime charges
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Activists Say Beverly Hills Cops Are Playing Music to Keep Themselves Off Instagram

The department tells Vice that one particularly incident featuring Sublime's hit "Santeria" is "currently under review"
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Versace Designer Salehe Bembury Accuses Beverly Hills Police of Racial Profiling

The shaken-up fashion exec says officers told him he was stopped and searched for jaywalking
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Beverly Hills Police Deployed Tear Gas as Protesters Gathered Friday Night

The late-night demonstration didn't result in any arrests
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After Years of Allegations, Lawsuits, and Payouts, Beverly Hills’ Police Chief Retires

Sandra Spagnoli stepped down over the weekend after costing the city as much as $7.3 million in judgements and settlements
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Beverly Hills Has Doled Out $7.3 Million to Settle Lawsuits Against Its Police Chief

Now the tony hamlet has hired Harvey Weinstein’s former PR firm to do damage control