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Best New Restaurants of 2012: Too New To Tell

Five promising spots that just missed the deadline

The New Business Casual

As fine dining sheds formality, casual-eating places like Sqirl, as well as Milo & Olive in Santa Monica and The Sycamore Kitchen on La Brea, are opening with definite views about how to distinguish themselves.

Decoding the Modern Plate

Wondering about all the shards, roots, and dirt in your dinner lately? Ink.’s Michael Voltaggio deconstructs one of his nature-inspired dishes to explain the method behind the messiness.

Life After Foie Gras

Following the fatty duck liver ban, here’s how L.A. chefs are moving on

The Modern Plight of Wine

When have you lately witnessed someone outside the wine business freaking out over a wine list?

Best New Restaurants of 2011

This year L.A.'s freshest culinary stars dug down to...