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Brace Yourself for the Gone Girl Think Pieces

You’re going to be reading a lot of stories about the most media-aware movie of the year; that’s all part of its meta-commentary

L.A. Plays the Midwest (and New York) in Gone Girl

You'll spot several Los Angeles locations in director David Fincher's film adaptation of the twisted tale

Backstage At The Oscars

And win or lose … you have a good time at the Governors Ball

Partyscope: The Art of Being Heard in Hollywood

You can tell who’s up and who’s down in showbiz by the room’s noise level. The bigger you are, the quieter it gets. Here are the latest rumblings…

Backstage At The Golden Globes

Otherwise known as tripping with Jodie Foster.

Your 2013 Golden Globes Talking Points

Here are five memorable moments from last night's telecast, so you'll at least know why you're dabbing a fake tear from your eye or pretending to laugh. (Full list of winners at the end of the post.)

Some Firsts At The Critics’ Choice Awards

The Broadcast Critics may not be the smoothest cats in town, but their award show is never dull.

Oscar Nominations 2013: Shafted and Drafted

The nominations for the 2013 Oscars were announced this morning by Seth MacFarlane. There were few surprises but plenty of snubs.

Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala

The first stop on the winners walk…the desert.

For Argo, Ben Affleck Blows His Own Horn

The Oscar-winning screenwriter-director-actor on how he and the Warner Bros. crew used DIY elements for his new movie, Argo:     "There’s this complete hybrid of guys working on computers and making...