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Take a Behind the Scenes Tour of Firestone Walker’s New Brewery in Venice

The Paso-Robles-based brewing company is one of the first out-of-town brands to set up an L.A. outpost

How a Dumb Twitter Prank United the Entire L.A. Beer Community

No, there will be no Sunset Boulevard Brewery. Yes, we were all had. And yes, it was kind of a dick move

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When Rudi Ghequire comes to town, you know your beer scene has arrived

With UCLA’s Craft Beer Class, You Can Get Course Credit for Drinking

Journalist Tomm Carroll leads field trips to breweries, conducts tastings, and teaches the history of the craft brewing renaissance

Q&A: Brouwerij West’s Brian Mercer on Bringing Belgium to San Pedro

Get ready for pristine tripels, experimental wheats, and fruit-infused saisons when the brewery opens to the public on February 27

Jameson Caskmates: Even Whiskey Wants to Be Craft Beer Now

The Irish distiller is using stout barrels to age it’s newest product. But can you tell?

Don’t Cave to Pliny Madness: Drink These Three Triple IPAs Instead

You don’t have to wait in line for hours to drink a perfect, monstrously-hoppy beer

Beachwood Blendery Turns up the Funk in Long Beach

The latest effort from the Beachwood BBQ brewing team takes California wild ales to the next level