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Vintage Powder Room: Woodbury Facial Powder

A man's visage on a face-powder box points at a post-WW1 shift in sexual mores

New Launch: MAC Alluring Aquatic

Embrace the wet hot summer with these new glistening shades

Vintage Powder Room: Mannings Stocking Box

The garter belt went from old-fashioned to erotic in the course of a couple of decades

On Trial: Elie Saab’s Le Parfum L’Eau Couture

This irresistible new fragrance is well worth the price

Beach Bag Essentials

These beauty picks will keep you safe and smelling good in the summer sun

Vintage Powder Room: The Gimbel Hair Net

Never does a woman look more stylish than when she’s pursuing her dreams

Vintage Powder Room: Cha Ming Face Powder Box

This tiny relic is a reminder of the city's complicated history with Chinatown

New Launch: Ioma Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate

An exclusive new cream takes into account the entire eye zone

Vintage Powder Room: No-Tair Hairnet

Crime history and cosmetics have more in common than you might think

Earth Day Edition: The Whole Foods Truth

The healthy grocery giant is as good for fresh, organic beauty products as it is for produce