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Foam Finger: The Battle of L.A.—Not So Much

Why USC’s rivalry with UCLA won’t be reinvigorated anytime soon

Foam Finger: The Lakers Trounce The Celtics

Last night the Lakers beat the Celtics, showing they can still tap their potential

Foam Finger: How Jerry Buss Changed Basketball

He was a man who was synonymous with championships, one who ushered in championships during the Showtime and Kobe Bryant eras.

Foam Finger: Today is For Basketball Lovers

For Valentine’s Day the NBA is giving sports fans not one but two games we’re dying to watch

Foam Finger: A Lakers Three-peat Sure Isn’t What It Used To Be

Three wins later, fair-weather Lakers fans have come out in hordes. Settle down.

Foam Finger: The Western Conference’s Silent Killer

With the Lakers floundering, I think the Warriors are ready to take back what they believe is rightfully theirs: state dominance.

Foam Finger: USC’s ‘Cantu’ Spirit

A national title is galaxies away, but interim coach Bob Cantu is here to pick up the slack while a search is conducted for USC head basketball coach Kevin O’Neill’s successor.

Foam Finger: On the Topic of Point God

Whether it’s his on-court iso domination, his nonpareil L.A. leadership, or the absurdly cute clips of his son (“Little Chris”) at post-game pressers, Clippers point guard Chris Paul is taking the city by storm.

Foam Finger: The NBA War of 2013 Begins

Last night, Clippers point guard Chris Paul did something many of us weren’t used to seeing...

Foam Finger: What the Lakers Won in D.C.

Last night L.A. basketball fans witnessed the Lakers take down the Washington Wizards, 102-96. It was an important victory, but it served as a double-edged sword.