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Dinos Trigonis is The Little Big Man of Boys’ Elite Basketball

His tournaments and camps have placed him at the overheated center of boys’ elite basketball

Foam Finger: The Wild, Wild West Reels in Some Replacements

Roughly seven months before either team’s next season begins, here’s how USC and UCLA's new coaches stack up

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USC never made it in. UCLA is out. Now what?

Foam Finger: Sweet (16) Success: A Reigning March Madness Bracket Champ Looks Back on Winning Big

If you didn’t get creative in the early rounds of this year's NCAA men's basketball tournament, chances are your bracket’s probably hurting right now. Here's what it feels like to actually win

Foam Finger: A Few Thoughts on 2013 NCAA Tournament Bracketology

Why it's best to put the mad in March Madness

Foam Finger: 8 Talking Points For March Madness

Trust us, with the Lakers losing to the Phoenix Suns 76-99, you’re going to want something else to talk about when you head to the sports bars.

Foam Finger: Fear and Loathing on the Lakers Playoff Trail

Last night’s roller coaster win over the Toronto Raptors gave Kobe Bryant ample opportunities to make his favorite face, which, like his playing, is more fun to watch as time goes by.

Foam Finger: Kobe Bryant’s Got A Brand New Nickname. Will It Get The Lakers to the Playoffs?

As if the list of nicknames for Kobe Bryant wasn't long enough already

Foam Finger: Where Kim and Dennis Go From Here

The very real story of an unlikely international bromance and its very imagined future.

Foam Finger: The Battle of L.A.—Not So Much

Why USC’s rivalry with UCLA won’t be reinvigorated anytime soon