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Magic Castle Reveals New Craft Cocktail Menu

Bartenders Joshua Lucas and Jordan Gold unveil the brand new craft cocktail menu they’ve created for Hollywood landmark, the Magic Castle.

Behind the Bartender: Allan Katz of Caña Rum Bar

Allan’s a character, and that’s evident the moment you spend a little time in his bar, or simply by reading his answers to this “Behind the Bartender” Q&A, a recurring column here on the Digest blog.

Chris Hewes Takes Over at the Hollywood Roosevelt’s Library Bar

Bartender Chris Hewes has some big shoes to fill now that Matthew Biancaniello has left the Hollywood Roosevelt's Library Bar. Luckily, he gladly accepts the challenge.

Fernet Branca: Tilt Your Head Back, Open Wide, and Say Ahhhhh

Fernet Branca is a fiercely bitter Italian liqueur that bartenders seem to love, but it's not for the uninitiated. (Except in this video.)

Sassafras: Southern Hospitality, Hollywood Style

Spin the roulette wheel at the newish New Orleans-themed watering hole for a chance to sip your drinks for free.

Repeal Day: 79 Years Later, We Still Need to Celebrate the End of Prohibition

On December 5, party like it’s 1933! Wednesday marks the 79th anniversary of Repeal Day, when Prohibition ended. Celebrate with any or all of these drink specials and events around town.

Behind the Bartender: Nick Vitulli of The Famous in Glendale

At The Famous, a great whiskey spot in Glendale, you can call Nick Vitulli a “boozeier” (his word) or a bartender, just don’t call him a mixologist. He hates that.

Drinking in Los Angeles vs. Drinking in New York City

While there's no doubt that the west coast is the best coast, this chart clearly shows how folks in NYC have a much better drinking advantage over us Angelenos.

L.A. Cocktail Geeks’ Favorite Portland Bars and Drinks

Cocktails in Beervana? A group of L.A. bloggers dish on where and what to drink when visiting Portland.

Behind the Bartender: Zahra Bates of Providence

Upon first meeting Providence’s Zahra Bates, one would mistake her for a shy, little thing. But once you get to know the soft-spoken bartender, you learn of her wicked sense of humor, so naughty it would even make Lenny Bruce run and hide.