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Pepperdine University Commemorates 9/11 With 3,000 American Flags

The Malibu university honors each victim of the terrorist attack in a heart-rending display, plus other commemorative events taking place across the city

Culture Shot: Obama Loves Broccoli

Asked at the Kids' State Dinner (that's a real thing) about his favorite food, Barack Obama claimed it was broccoli.

Get Obama to the Greek! Santa Monica High School Seniors’ YouTube Plea to the President: Attend Our Graduation

The President will be in town, but can a YouTube video invitation persuade him to attend a commencement ceremony this weekend?

Barack Obama Casts His Presidential Gaze on Proposition 8

Just one month before the U.S. Supreme Court hearing, the president urges the justices to overturn California’s same sex marriage ban

Ale to the Chief: State of the Union Drinking Game

Why clap, when you can drink instead?

The President Will Eat Bison Today—Where You Can Eat Its Naughty Bits

The President will dine on grilled bison steak at today's inaugural luncheon. At L.A.'s Kali Dining you can eat the rest of it.

President Obama is Not Impressed

Thank you, internet. Photos like this are the reason you exist.

Fountain Head

Back when everyone knew him as Barry, young Barack Obama was just another cool kid discovering Marx and Nietzsche at Occidental College...