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To Relieve Statewide Depression, California Plans to Name a Freeway After Obama

The former president is getting a pretty good one

Kendrick Lamar Hung Out with President Obama Because Mentorship

"Can you believe that we’re both sitting in this Oval Office?"

Curtain Call: Linda Ronstadt Talks Immigration, Sexism, and Stem Cell Research

Battling Parkinson’s disease might have halted her singing career, but it hasn’t stopped her from speaking her mind
Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby’s Star Will Stay on Hollywood Boulevard

The award is for the work, not for being a good person

5 Questions Marc Maron Should Ask Obama

The President appears on Maron’s podcast in an episode that debuts Monday

Will Slow and Steady Progress Add Up for Eric Garcetti?

The mayor has focused on pesky but manageable problems: potholes, city computers, parking tickets. Some bigger issues loom

A Primer on Obama’s Executive Actions on Immigration

The president’s use of power isn’t historic, but it does change how officials will handle cases of undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles and across the country

Mr. Garcetti Goes To Washington

In what was his inaugural trip to D.C. since taking office, Eric Garcetti went to bat for our city, hoping to procure federal funds for the L.A. River Alternative 20 plan as well as subway and light rail projects