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Corazon y Miel’s Eduardo Ruiz to Open Picnik in Pasadena Next Week

Hot on the heels of a three-star review, Ruiz looks ahead

City Tavern Downtown: How To Win Friends and Influence Drinkers

A cocktail list that will appeal to everyone

Get Craft Brews, Oysters, and Chicken Nuggets at City Tavern Downtown

City Tavern's second location opens tonight

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Coming Soon: EightyTwo, Faith & Flower, and Bo Nuage

A new game bar, an eatery that pays homage to L.A. history, and a cloud cake specialty shop are in the works.

Now It Can Be Told: L.A.’s Best Styx-Themed Speakeasy Closes

Rumor has it that it's the end of Paradise. It isn't. But it is the end of the Paradise Theatre.