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L.A.’s Best New Tiki Bar in 50 Years Opens Downtown

This is the most fantastical Polynesian cocktail lounge in the city

#SaveRufus: The Legendary 38-Year-Old Pacu Fish From Bahooka Needs a New Home

The giant fish is the living symbol of Southern California Tiki culture

Top Restaurants We Lost in 2013 Part II: Old School Edition

Ten classic L.A. eateries that went to that big dining room in the sky

Tiki Paradise Bahooka For Sale…Again

A month after Polynesian paradise Bahooka closed in Rosemead, and weeks after the lavish interior tiki elements were sold off to Clifton's Cafeteria, the property at 4501 Rosemead Boulevard has come up for sale again.

Tiki Paradise Bahooka To Be Reborn

Bahooka, the epic tiki shipwreck restaurant in Rosemead, served their final mai tai on March 9th.  By Christmas the labyrinth of tikis, boats, and artifacts from the islands will be reborn inside another landmark, Clifton's Cafeteria.