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It’s All About Netflix at 2013 Emmy Nominations

Think of it as the year the Internet made history—again.

Ben Fountain Wins Big at LA Times Book Prizes

It's hard to know what odds Nate Silver would have given himself to win the Science & Technology award at this year's Los Angeles Times Book Prizes, but it's fair to say he was the heavy favorite.

Awe Shucks, We’re Honored

Two James Beard Journalism Award nominations? You shouldn’t have.

James Beard Foundation Restaurant and Chef Award Finalists Announced

L.A. suffers mass casualties from the semi-finals, keeps a few big’uns.

Win Tickets & Airfare to the James Beard Foundation Awards in NYC

It's like the Oscars for the food world, and you and a friend could totally be there!

5 Best Moments at the Indie Spirit Awards + The Winners

If the Golden Globes are the Oscars' kooky, drunken aunt, then the Indie Spirit Awards are their foulmouthed, tipsy cousin.

Grammys 2013: Recovery & Recap

Welcome to the Grammys circa 2013, where we already knew about every winner, every outfit, and every awkward transition hours before the show aired.

2013 Grammys: Who Should Win, Who Will Win

Are the indie kids going mainstream? Are the mainstream kids going indie? One thing is certain: It's getting harder to predict the outcome of Grammys, and that's a good thing.