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And the 2014 Emmys Nominees Are…

Who got love, who got the brush-off, and how our predictions held up

The Biggest Fashion Mysteries of the Grammys

Pharrell doesn't just have a meme-worthy hat. He has a secret

5 Best Moments at the Indie Spirit Awards + The Winners

If the Golden Globes are the Oscars' kooky, drunken aunt, then the Indie Spirit Awards are their foulmouthed, tipsy cousin.

Your 2013 Golden Globes Talking Points

Here are five memorable moments from last night's telecast, so you'll at least know why you're dabbing a fake tear from your eye or pretending to laugh. (Full list of winners at the end of the post.)

Double Stick Tape: It’s Not Enough

How is it that we have a convoy of rovers circumnavigating Mars, but nothing exists to suitably hold up a pair of ta-tas for a few hours? Welcome to red carpet tug season...