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Marvel Announces Next ‘Avengers’ Plus MU Phases 4 and 5 at Comic-Con

Those with limited imaginations—and patience—may have thought “Endgame" had a terminal ring to it, but welcome to the multiverse
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The New Avengers Campus at California Adventure Has ‘a Ton’ of Easter Eggs

A whole new land dedicated to the Marvel Universe opens Friday—and it's full of surprises for fans of the franchise
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Thanos Creator Calls Trump ‘Infantile’ and ‘Sick’ as Campaign Ad Baffles Social Media

Trump's reelection team maaaaaybe didn't see the last 'Avengers' movie

The Top 10 Announcements from Comic-Con 2014

From a major revelation by Quentin Tarantino to a surprise visit by Matthew McConaughey, we break down the most crucial moments at this year's Con