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Route 66

Automobile Club Releases 90th Anniversary Guide to Route 66

There's no cell signal in the desert

The Stunning Final Stretch of Route 66

Jim Morrison of the Doors represents the City of Angels on this 1992 pictoral by Bob Waldmire

Traveling Past the Ostrich Farm to Pasadena

This week’s map showcases an 11-mile road trip promoted in 1915

Daytripping From Downtown to the Valley in 1924

After World War I the use of automobiles boomed all over Southern California and by the ‘20s cars were faster and more dependable—but getting anywhere depended entirely on good direction.

A Freeway Atlas From Before You Could Say You Took The 5 to the 2 to the 134

By the time this guide map was published in the beginning of the 1960s, Los Angeles had become a full-fledged freeway city and the automotive age for Southern California was in its middle-years.

CityDig: An Auto Road Map From When L.A. Was Traffic Free

Los Angeles was just 17 years into the era of horseless carriages when this map was produced in 1914

CityDig: How Three Men Tried To Solve L.A.’s Traffic Problem in 1924

This “Major Traffic Street Plan” map details a city on the move