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Autism: An Advice Column

How to talk to the parent of a child with autism

Autism: A Short, Turbulent History

A short timeline of the history of autism

Autism: Charting the Spectrum

From passivity to aggression, from a lack of speech to a torrent of words

Autism: Opening the Window

When a child is diagnosed with autism, everything changes, Including a mother’s sense of herself

Autism: Rooms to Grow

It will require patience and perseverance to hit upon the winner, but the right school for your child is out there

Autism: Barely Scraping By

Raising four children on a family income of $50,000 is a trial, especially when two of your kids have autism. Compton resident Luz Hernández Gutiérrez describes what it’s like

Autism: Puzzling Pieces

L.A. leads the state in autism cases. Here are some answers to the big questions
Dustin Hoffman

Autism: D-U-S-T-I-N

The actor won an Academy Award for playing Raymond Babbitt, an autistic savant, in Rain Man. Twenty-one years later, Dustin Hoffman reflects

Autism: Still Waiting

Some autism rights advocates say there’s no need for a cure. An argument for why they’re wrong

Autism: Larger than Life

Is it a plot hook? A cause? A quirky gift? Autism in the popular culture