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The Late Great Nightspots of Early ’90s L.A.

Writer Michaela Carter takes readers on a tour of a vanished L.A. demimonde in her debut novel Further Out Than You Thought

Sandra Tsing Loh: It’s Time to Admit Our Cars Are a Mess (and That’s Okay!)

The NPR host and performer discusses her new audiobook, menopause, and finding vermin nesting in your Volvo

Q&A: Mona Simpson’s New Novel Cracks the Case

A budding Sherlock Holmes discovers more about his parents than he ever wanted to know in Casebook

Three Exciting New Beer Books from L.A. Authors

Two new books explore hard cider and cooking with craft beer; another on the way profiles SoCal’s best breweries, brewpubs, and bars.

Roberto Bolaño: Beyond the Myth

Last night at ALOUD, you could see at least one small sign of a revolution as nearly everyone was paging through a little red book—not Mao’s but Roberto Bolaño’s.

The Hidden Henry Fonda

Today is Henry Fonda’s 108th birthday. In "The Man Who Saw A Ghost: The Life and Work of Henry Fonda," published last October, author Devin McKinney chronicles the death-haunted world of an iconic actor whose most famous screen roles as protectors, presidents, and patriarchs mask a far more complex figure.

How to Celebrate Pynchon in Public Day in L.A.

Happy tidings on Pynchon in Public Day, a holiday that book nerds celebrate by publicly reading the works of Thomas Pynchon.

Spooky Lit: Mark Z. Danielewski’s The Fifty Year Sword

Five orphans. A broken-hearted seamstress. East Texas. Halloween night. A man arrives--“a bad man with a very black heart"--bearing a box with five locks. He carries with him a...