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Goodbye to All That: Joan Didion Estate Hits the Auction Block

People are paying top dollar to get their hands of things that were in Joan Didion’s hands—books, art, dishwater, furniture and more

Kurt Cobain Guitar Gets $500K, Steve Jobs Sandals $200K at Icon Auction

Treasures from Nirvana to Elvis to Lennon sold for a fortune this weekend, and someone paid an ungodly sum for Steve Jobs' Birkenstocks

Smashing Expectations, Beverly Hills Betty White Auction Makes $4 Million

Everything American treasure Betty White touched sure did turn to gold when they hit the block this weekend
Paul Allen Bill Gates

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen’s $1 Billion Art Collection Goes to Auction

Paul Allen’s eclectic art collection—with works by Lichtenstein, Hopper, Monet, O’Keefe and more—hits the block at Christie’s this November

Historic West Coast Mob Memorabilia Hits Beverly Hills Auction Block

Bugsy Siegel’s pink flamingos, Virginia Hill’s diamond earrings, and even Meyer Lansky’s bowties are up for sale at the end of the month

Kobe Bryant’s Game Shoes, Ali’s Gloves and More Hitting L.A. Auction

You can own the gloves Muhammad Ali wore to pummel a trash-talking fool, plus many other wonders from the wide world of sports
disneyland auction

Check Out the Rare Disneyland Artifacts That Sold for Big Bucks at Auction

Primeval World dinosaur "skin," a mosaic from Sleeping Beauty Castle, and a Haunted Mansion blueprint were among the cool items on the block
mcdonaldland art

Trippy Artifacts From McDonaldland Are Going Up for Auction

Mayor McCheese, Grimace, and the rest of the weird McDonaldland gang

Step Inside Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Mansion in Bel-Air

This celebrity auction is over the top, dah-ling

This Crazy Sneaker Collection Is About to Hit the Auction Block

Get your hands (er… feet) on some limited-edition sneaks