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Tomasa del Real Is Taking Neoperreo from the L.A. Underground to Coachella

Coachella’s about to learn about a new form of reggaetón

This L.A. Artist Draws Galactic Feminist Dreamscapes We Wish We Could Live In

Robin Eisenberg’s out-of-this-world illustrations are playful and empowering depictions of self-loving women

Outsider Art’s Inner Sanctum

Featuring nontraditional talent at her Chinatown galley, Paige Wery has a knack for spotting the extraordinary

Get This Old-Timey Souvenir Next Time You’re at Disneyland

The Silhouette Studio dates back more than 60 years

FRAMED: A Salvador Dalí Exhibition in a Woodland Hills Strip Mall? That’s Surreal

Yes, you read that right. An extensive exhibition of Dalí prints from the Pierre Argillet collection is currently on public display in Woodland Hills—and nowhere else.

A LEGO Sculptor Makes Art Out of Child’s Play

This guy ditched his law firm to play with bricks full-time.

Pencil This In: Urs Fischer at MOCA

Crowdsourced clay works, lifesized wax figures melting before our eyes, a house made of bread — there's plenty to see at MOCA Grand Avenue and The Geffen Contemporary.

PHOTO GALLERY: Welcome to Gary Baseman’s Creepy-Cool World

Peopled with creepy-cool cartoon characters, Gary Baseman's first retrospective is a study in what happens when an imagination runs riot – in the best possible way.

Put Some Seuss In Your Spring

Check out the "Secret" art of Dr. Seuss

Wild Man: Llyn Foulkes Finally Gets His Retrospective

Llyn Foulkes is mad, in every sense of the word. He’s angry, opinionated, a tormented genius—and he’ll be the first one to tell you.