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What’s On in L.A. This Weekend: A Community Dance, Bug Fair, Cinespia

Also, a new collaborative exhibition from Reisig and Taylor Contemporary opens, titled ”No Plateaus”

Erick Medel Weaves Immigrant Labor Into Vivid Art

The 31-year-old’s first solo show, ”Mariachi,” debuts at South Los Angeles gallery Rusha & Co. on March 24

It’s About Bloody Time: Anish Kapoor’s First Painting-Only Exhibition is Epically-Scaled Phantasmagorical Gore

After decades of keeping his paintings mostly to himself, the controversial British art star shows a suite of monumental new canvases at Regen Projects

Australian-Style Cafe Great White Lands In West Hollywood

There’s no reason that art only hangs on walls. Check out Great Whites’ art on pizza boxes, menus, even ball caps

Julie Gigante, Patron Saint of the 110, and My First Love

The star of Kent Twitchell’s 1994 mural of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra may have just retired, but the role her eight-story tall portrait plays in the lives of Angelenos is eternal

15 Minutes with George Condo

The artist shares tales of Basquiat and his time in L.A. as "People Are Strange" inaugurates Hauser and Wirth's new location on Santa Monica Blvd.

15 Minutes with George Clinton

The octogenarian musician and visual artist is showing a new painting and sculpture exhibition at Jeffrey Deitch in Los Angeles

Bob Dylan Has Auto-Signed Art for Years—Massive Refunds Are Now Due

In a rare public statement, Bob Dylan said he regrets using an auto-pen to sign books and artwork, adding, blame COVID

15 Minutes With…Visual Artist Blue the Great

Blue’s been putting ideas to canvas for over a decade. Now, his work continues to gain appreciation within many niches of the art world—and at eBay