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Record Label Young Turks Has Changed Its Name in Recognition of the Armenian Genocide

“We were unaware of the deeper history of the term,” the founder states.
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Why L.A.’s Armenian Community Wants You to Pay Attention to the Situation in Nagorno-Karabakh

As a conflict overseas escalates, local Armenian Americans are using social media, art, and protest to draw eyes to a growing crisis
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Trump Supporters Crash an Armenian Genocide Town Hall to Confront Adam Schiff

Protesters carrying 'Don't Impeach' signs and Trump flags caused an uproar at an event attended by the L.A. congressman
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The U.S. Senate Has Passed a Resolution Recognizing the Armenian Genocide

The resolution, which matches one that passed the House in October, will likely irritate Turkish leaders
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The U.S. Will Finally Recognize the Armenian Genocide

"We will not be party to genocide denial. We will not be silent. We will never forget," Rep. Adam Schiff said
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What Charles Aznavour Meant to Armenians, in L.A. and Around the World

Following the singer's passing, a memorial has sprung up on Hollywood Boulevard

See the Armenian March for Justice From Above

Thousands marched down Wilshire Boulevard to the Turkish Consulate

City Hall Lights Up Purple This Week in Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide

2015 marks the centennial of the tragic events

Documentary: Orphans of the Genocide

Filmmaker Bared Maronian aims to raise awareness of the Armenian genocide by focusing on its youngest victims.