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Amid a War and a Global Pandemic, Local Groups Supporting Queer Armenians Saw an Opportunity to Build Community

How Equality Armenia and other L.A.-based organizations are seizing a moment to make a difference
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When It Comes to Visibility, Armenians in America Are Hopeful Change Is on the Horizon

Last year, the war in Artsakh seemed to get buried beneath heaps of pandemic and election news. Now, an American president is poised to acknowledge the 1915 Genocide for the very first time

How a Mom from the Valley Ended Up Rescuing War-Displaced People in Armenia

For Meline Elian, a scheduled trip to the region turned into a mission to help hundreds
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Cher Is the Latest High-Profile Person to Urge Americans to Pay Attention to the Crisis in Artsakh

A Russia-brokered deal ended fighting in the region, but the situation isn't resolved
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Angelenos Have Been Working in Armenia on Humanitarian Relief for Nagorno-Karabakh

As tensions flare in the region, locals are heading to Armenia to help—and prepare for a long recovery ahead
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Why L.A.’s Armenian Community Wants You to Pay Attention to the Situation in Nagorno-Karabakh

As a conflict overseas escalates, local Armenian Americans are using social media, art, and protest to draw eyes to a growing crisis
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These Local Home Bakers Are Selling Amazing Armenian and Middle Eastern Pastries

From pakhlava to nazook, these home-cooked sweets are available for pick up and, in some cases, delivery
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The U.S. Senate Has Passed a Resolution Recognizing the Armenian Genocide

The resolution, which matches one that passed the House in October, will likely irritate Turkish leaders
armenian genocide

The U.S. Will Finally Recognize the Armenian Genocide

"We will not be party to genocide denial. We will not be silent. We will never forget," Rep. Adam Schiff said
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Havlabar Takes Deep Dive into Georgian Cuisine in Glendale

A taste of the Caucasus is wedged between a nail salon and a doughnut shop in suburban L.A.