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Art of the City

Living in a creative capital for painters, sculptors, and sound-scapers has its advantages, but with so many people and galleries worthy of attention, how do you know where to start? For the answer, read on

Murder in Black and White

Bernard Finch was a handsome doctor working in the San Gabriel Valley. Carole Tregoff was the beautiful assistant who became his mistress. When they murdered Finch’s wife in 1959, the pair set in motion one of the most sensational trials the country had ever seen—before being all but forgotten. Writer Steven Mikulan tells the tabloid-drenched tale

Buckwheat Wild! Sonoko Sakai of Common Grains

A passion for soba has made Sakai a whole-grain activist and a missionary for Japanese cuisine

Sisyphus Rising

A trip down memory lane at the “Music Box Steps.”

Patrick Soon-Shiong on Giving and Getting by in Los Angeles

Are rich people doing enough for the city? Multibillionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong on giving and getting by in Los Angeles

Gem Dandy

A couple’s choice to live within their means led to unforeseen treasures

L.A.’s April Music Residencies

No desert drives, sunblock, hotel reservations or car camping passes are required to take in one of the local acts performing in L.A. clubs in the month of April.

This Land is My Land

It’s a perk of living here: We can almost always exercise outdoors. But what happens when fitness buffs and boot campers do battle over open space?


This little restaurant has tried to be many things many times. Now the owners are taking a chance on 25-year-old Miles Thompson, of the arty pop-up the Vagrancy Project.

Going Native

Out of the throngs of eligible men and women passing through L.A., here’s how to spot the ones who belong