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Is There an App for That?

The Editor’s Note for the February Issue

This App Will Change the Way You Explore L.A.

"Detour" is an audio guide to the city, and it’s controlled by your actual location

This App Will Pretty Much Turn You Into a Professional Bartender

For everyone who's ever hated the word "mixologist" but who secretly wants to be one

This New App Wants To Buy You a Drink Every Day for a Month

L.A.-based Hooch seems almost too good to be true

New App to Make Parking Obsolete, Even at the Hollywood Bowl

Can't find a spot? Throw money at the problem

Jetsons Alert: Volkswagen Teams Up With Apple Watch

Finding your car in a parking garage is now as easy as glancing at your wrist
Uber For Kids

The Uber For Kids Has Arrived, Courtesy of Three L.A. Moms

No more choosing between an afternoon meeting and ballet class

New Uber Will Get You Across the Westside for 5 Bucks

If you're comfortable with strangers, this is the ride for you

There’s Now a Shazam for Cars

Technology gives us the ability to ID the wheels we love