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Adidas: Dumping Kanye Was ‘Complex Situation’ Despite All the Jew Hate

“Our conviction is clear, we do not support antisemitism, racism or hate speech,” said Vicky Free, Adidas' head of global marketing

Kanye West Also Paid Off Employee Who Weathered His Racist Rants

Meanwhile, Kanye might have trouble cashing in on his “White Lives Matter” shirts because someone else grabbed the trademark

Sad Antisemite Kanye West Ejected from HQ of Jewish-Owned Skechers

After broadcasting his psychotic hatred of Jews, Kanye showed up looking for work at Skechers, which happens to be owned by a Jewish family
Kanye in MAGA Hat

Kanye’s Racism Gets Him Dumped by CAA, Inspires Antisemitism in L.A.

In just weeks, Kanye West’s hate speech sparked antisemitic acts in Los Angeles and got him tossed by his agency

Unabashed Kanye West Shares Even More Jewish Hate Conspiracies

Narcissist mogul Kanye West now says that he doesn’t hate Jews themselves, but rather the global schemes he believes they masterminded

Kanye West Says He’s Not Antisemitic While Spewing Jewish Stereotypes

Raging rap mogul West says he doesn’t hate Jews, while accusing them as a race of being underhanded in business

Elon Musk Says He’s Personally Handling Kanye’s Antisemitism Problem

Mixed up mogul Ye has been tossed from Twitter and Instagram for racist ranting, but Elon Musk says he’s got it all under control