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Slide Show: Rocky and Bullwinkle in Beverly Hills

This is your last chance to visit the Legacy of Jay Ward exhibit at the Paley Center

Join Chris Nichols For a Halloween Bus Tour

Learn about cryonics, black velvet, stop motion, and ”pumpkin spice” on this annual excursion

The Essential Movie Library #93: Pinocchio (1940)

Something at least complicated if not subversive lies in any story about a puppet’s passage to boyhood where the boy turns out to be less interesting than the puppet

Rob Lowe in the Role He Was Born to Play

He's a walking, talking Patrick Nagel print in Moonbeam City—and that's a good thing

Now Read This: The Week’s Best New Books, April 10th Edition

Four titles hitting shelves this week

Meet the Steampunk Puppy that is Nipping at Mickey Mouse’s Heels

This year's Oscar nominated animated shorts are screening at the Nuart for the next two weeks. The House of Mouse is a likely frontrunner, but we've got some other favorites

This New 1920’s Mickey Mouse Movie Deserves To Be Seen In A Theater

The El Capitan will be screening "Get A Horse" with live organ accompaniment

Video Village With Ask Chris: Cartoon Hot Dog Goes Modern

Glendale-based Renegade Animation takes Wienerschnitzel back to 1961