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After the Pandemic, Fostering Pets Should Be the New Normal

As Angelenos stayed safer at home, many invited animals to join them—and it’s made a big positive impact  

Without Visitors Around, the Animals at the L.A. Zoo Are Living It Up

The L.A. Zoo has been off-limits to humans since March, but the 1,100 animals who call it home are wild about pandemic life

Five Animals Who Can’t Even With This Heat

You try wearing a fur coat in these temperatures

Snow Days at the L.A. Zoo

Sumatran tigers and other animals get a rare encounter with snow as kids frolic in the man-made flakes.

Boo at the Zoo

Check out the Creepy Creature Encounter at the Winnick Family Children’s Zoo (on the grounds of the L.A. Zoo) then take in a live Halloween show in the Adventure...

A La Beast Mode: Oscar-Ready Animals

Who ever said formal wear was strictly for humans?

#SaveRufus: The Legendary 38-Year-Old Pacu Fish From Bahooka Needs a New Home

The giant fish is the living symbol of Southern California Tiki culture

Into the Wild: The Search For L.A.’s Spirit Animal

Local wildlife experts debate which animal represents us best