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Angelino Heights Wants New ‘Fast and Furious’ Out of the Neighborhood

It's not just the noise and annoyance from the car fetish franchise residents reject, but the reckless motorhead tourists that come with it

L.A.’s Most Halloween-Friendly Streets

These enchanting neighborhoods and elaborate haunted houses bring out the trick-or-treaters every year
Wilshire Grand

Slide Show: Meet the New Tallest Building in Los Angeles

The new Wilshire Grand races toward the sky

Scene It Before: The Thriller House

A dilapidated Angelino Heights residence plays the role of an abandoned house in one of the most famous music videos of all time

Scene It Before: Toretto’s Market & Café from The Fast and the Furious

This historic Angelino Heights grocery store is where Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner orders “tuna on white, no crust” in the late actor’s most popular film

CityDig: The Living History of Angelino Heights

The area was seen as Los Angeles-transcendent when William W. Stilson and Everett E. Hall set about subdividing the choice tract on the western edge of a booming 1880’s Los Angeles

DO: HISTORY: Angelino Heights Walking Tour

When producers need a backdrop for "Thriller’s" dancing zombies or an ancestral home for Mad Men’s Don Draper, they turn to this Victorian ‘hood.

Another Don Draper Revelation: His Childhood Home is in Angelino Heights

See the six bedroom/one bath Victorian selected to represent the place where Don stole for Hershey's money