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Superman Star Donates His Frank Lloyd Wright Home to Charity

Jack Larson's Brentwood home goes to auction next month

Sturtevant: Double Trouble

Elaine Sturtevant’s paintings may have appeared to mimic those of Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jasper Johns

Memoirist Bernard Cooper’s Artful Steal

His creativity is one part petty theft, two parts a delight in simple objects

MOCA Presents Andy Warhol: Shadows

MOCA presents Andy Warhol: Shadows, the first West Coast presentation of Shadows (1978-79), a monumental painting in 102 parts. Andy Warhol: Shadows is organized by Dia Art Foundation and coordinated by MOCA Senior Curator...

Framed: If Andy Warhol Visited an Asian Supermarket…

"LA Heat" tells a tale of two made-in-L.A. hot sauces, Sriracha and Tapatío

Barbarians at The Gate

Where Andy Warhol re-created the "Sunset Boulevard" scene in which Norma Desmond passes through Paramount Studios’ iconic Bronson Gate, then and now

Who’s That Girl? Behind the Scenes of our January “Do” Opener

Most of the non-famous people in the Warhol Polaroids we wanted to publish had never been identified. Here's how we found out who they were.

Snap Judgments: Andy Warhol’s Polaroids Come to L.A.

If you can’t be famous for 15 minutes, you can at least be famous for a few square inches.