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netflix egyptian theater remodel

Netflix Reveals Remodel Plans for the Egyptian Theater

Dubbed a “rewind rehab,” the plans aim to modernize while preserving historic details
Netflix Egyptian theatre hollywood American Cinematheque

Netflix Purchase of Historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood Finally Wraps

American Cinematheque will continue to operate the cinema and stage regular screenings

Here’s How Two Hollywood Packrats Changed the Way You See Old Movies

The vintage movie collections from these superfans are headed to auction this month

Dig Deep Into Los Angeles Restaurant History at the American Cinematheque

Josh Kun, chef Sherry Yard, and Joan Crawford as Mildred Pierce on the big screen

Slide Show: Vintage Knott’s Berry Farm

Put on your cowboy hat and time travel back to mid-century Knott's

Go See Madam Satan on Hollywood Boulevard Saturday

This opulent 1930 Cecil B. DeMille spectacle gives until it hurts

How To Do… The Egyptian Theatre

Catching vintage films in a gilded movie palace that’s fit for a pharoah

Ray Harryhausen’s Monsters Return to the Big Screen

Although giant stop-motion ants don't pack as much punch as they did in the 1950s, this chance to see Ray Harryhausen's visual effects is a movie lover's dream.

The American Cinematheque Honors Ben Stiller For “Nothing Specific”

I may smile every time I encounter Ben Stiller, but I really did enjoy watching his colleagues get up to praise the actor’s fitness regimen and film/TV work as the American Cinematheque honored him.